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Secret Monthly T-Shirt Giveaway on Instagram

The Most Secretive T-Shirt Giveaway I Bet You Didn't Even Know You Entered T-ARC is now running a monthly t-shirt giveaway. However, there is a small catch. This competition is different to every other brand giveaway you might have come across.  But first, allow me to explain why I am doing this. As I am writing this, it's been 9 months now since it all started. Along the way, I have had some great conversations with my followers. Many of which have opened up to say they have been following T-ARC from the very beginning. This competition is a way for me to give something back to the community. Especially those that have helped spread the word about T-ARC among...

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Taylor Harford Photographer Review

T-ARC is a one-man project but by no means is all the work my own. I want to highlight some of the awesome photography by an incredibly talented and creative individual. Taylor Harford's work has helped shape and contextualised the brand's image. I can't thank Taylor enough for his time and effort.  Studying his degree in Commercial Photography at Plymouth College of Art, Taylor is set on track for a strong career as a professional alternative fashion photographer. Working with artists, musicians and small independent businesses, you can see a broader range of work on his website.  All of the photography below is his work for T-ARC. Which includes everything from sourcing the models, finding a location and his the incredible editing skills. ...

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The Codex - A T-Shirt Design Collaboration with Bloggers and Models

What is the Codex? Codex is an alternative t-shirt design collaborative project. Each design is custom made and counts as a single chapter. The goal is to fill 1,000 pages, making Codex the most ambitious t-shirt collaboration ever!  Why am I doing this? Simply, I want to design t-shirts for people. However, my vision for the Codex, as it starts to fill up, is to create a catalogue of upcoming/established models and bloggers. A central hub where brands and photographers can come to discover new talent in the alternative industry.  Every design created in this collection is custom-made to the exact specifications of each model or blogger. Once the design is ready, they model it and another chapter is added to the...

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Challenges of Selling T-Shirts Online - First Few Months of Business

Challenges of Selling T-Shirts Online - First Few Months of Business Who Owns T-ARC Clothing? Before I dive right into the challenges of selling t-shirts online, I want to introduce myself. For those of you who do not know me, I'm Chris. Hi. I am here to share with you everything I can about my journey launching a small clothing brand. Why am I doing this? Because I want to help you. If the documentation of my experience helps you to create a better brand or assist you in adding value to your future customers, then I will be happy. Okay, so it may sound counter intuitive as I am about to share important information about my business with the...

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Alternative Snake T-Shirt - Blinded - New Release

Alternative Snake T-Shirt - Blinded If you're wondering why this alternative snake t-shirt is called Blinded, it's because the circular design inside the triangle was sampled from the iris of an eye. This t-shirt is one of two new additions to our online store.  Pricing, Sizes & Shipping Costs £20   We offer Free UK Delivery and ship Worldwide! Sizes available are S-5XL. Please reference our sizing charts before buying.  Let us know what you think by commenting below. Would you like to see more designs like this?  Alternative Snake T-Shirt Men's alternative snake t-shirt Women's alternative snake t-shirt

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