Codex, A Collaborative Custom T-Shirt Design Project by T-ARC Clothing

The Codex - A T-Shirt Design Collaboration with Bloggers and Models

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What is the Codex?

Codex is an alternative t-shirt design collaborative project. Each design is custom made and counts as a single chapter. The goal is to fill 1,000 pages, making Codex the most ambitious t-shirt collaboration ever! 

Why am I doing this? Simply, I want to design t-shirts for people. However, my vision for the Codex, as it starts to fill up, is to create a catalogue of upcoming/established models and bloggers. A central hub where brands and photographers can come to discover new talent in the alternative industry. 

Every design created in this collection is custom-made to the exact specifications of each model or blogger. Once the design is ready, they model it and another chapter is added to the Codex. 

If you would like to see an example, here's the first chapter in the Codex

model wearing a t-shirt that was created as a brand collaboration with t-arc

The Collaborative Process Explained

Once we have both agreed to collaborate, the initial process starts with a chat. The premise being, "what would you like me to design for you?". Once I understand the basic concept, I will produce a mockup. 

If you approve mockup, then designing begins. While working, I like to keep the conversation open. Which includes sending images of the design in process, helping to keep it in line with the original idea. As well as discussing the concept, and the name. 

Once the design is finalised and we are both happy, the t-shirt is created and shipped.

Now it's up to you to add context your creation. This is an opportunity to show the world who you are and express your creative style through photography. 

The last part of the process is simply a case of me adding the chapter to the Codex. Each chapter contains a short description. This will include, a link back to your website or social media page, who you are and what you do and the design concept explained in detail.

alternative girl wearing a ouija board t-shirt created in collaboration with t-arc as part of the codex chapter 3

The Rules 

For the design, apart from anything obviously offensive, I am not going to set any restrictions. Even if two designs have similar elements (which the first two chapters do) I know that by saying no, I would be going back on my initial proposition. "What would you like me to design for you?". If by chance this does happen, I will try my best to make both designs completely different. 

Tattooed guy stood in a car parking lot wearing a cutthroat business t-shirt part of the Codex by T-ARC Clothing

How Long Does it Take?

There is no deadline and an infinite amount of reviews until the design is exactly right. That being said, I do work full-time but dedicate my evenings and weekends to T-ARC. 


Can I Have My Chapter in the Codex? 

Please don't hesitate to ask. If you have your own blog, following, or you are a model, then let's collaborate! I am open to all ideas and want to work with as many creative people as possible. 

Alternatively, if you know someone who you think would be interested, please refer them. 

Ultimately, I want T-ARC to be known as a collaborative brand of the people. 

So get in touch and let's create something! Drop a comment below and I will get back to you.




  • Verónica MG

    I discovered your project some months ago and I absolutely loved your idea of creating this collection and the concept you have for it. I will be so glad of collaborating with it with my blog I feel so identified with your designs and I would love to help your brand grow with your project.

  • Smudge (Tash)

    Hell yeah I am interested!! How could I not be?! I LOVE this idea!

  • JIm WYlde

    Not a model or blogger. have an instagram under Jim Wylde and a bandcamp under sp3ct3rs. love this idea and would like to collaborate.

  • Chris

    Hey Emma, your blog looks amazing! I will be in touch.

  • Emma Inks

    Hello! This project sounds so interesting I blog at and love finding, new, alternative and creative brands. If you like what you see I would love to collaborate in the future.

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