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Pantheon T-Shirt Design Insight

edited images of a wall outide the pantheon filled with marks and name carvings

In a previous blog post, about visiting Lisbon for design inspiration, we mentioned why as a designer you must look at the world differently.

This might involve taking pictures of things that normal people would overlook, like plain textures or patterns.

We wanted to explain what we meant by this by giving you an example, sharing with you some designer insight into one of our best selling cross t-shirt designs, Pantheon.

Back in October, we went to explore Rome.

To put this city into perspective, If you spent two minutes looking at every landmark, monument, and statue in Rome, it would take you twelve years to look at them all. Something we learned while visiting the Coliseum.

Out of all the buildings that inspired us most, the Pantheon was one of them. This ancient building is often associated with the Roman Empire, but the word 'Pantheon' is actually Greek and translates as 'honour all gods'. 

entrance to the Pantheon in Rome

Looking at this design, I bet you are struggling to see the direct correlation between our t-shirt and this historic landmark.

Well, the image we used comes from the entrance way, just before you walk through the huge iron gates, to the left is a wall filled with engraved names and carvings. Something which we imagine gets overlooked thousands of times every day. From this wall composition of marks, we were able to create the design you can see blow. 

Honestly, if you ever visit the Pantheon, have a look before you enter. 

From this wall composition of marks, we were able to create the t-shirt design you can see blow. 


cross t-shirt design called pantheon

We could have walked past this wall, looked at it and thought nothing of it. But when you understand how Photoshop works, it opens up more opportunities to experiment. 

So be trigger happy! Take as many images as you possibly can, until your memory is used up or you run out of battery. 

Don't think too much about it, that voice in your head isn't always right. 

Thank you for reading! We hope that this post will inspire you to look at the world from a different perspective. 

Pantheon T-Shirts from T-ARC Clothing

This cross t-shirt is available in men's and women's fitting from sizes S-5XL. Currently, it is only available in black or white, but we are thinking about expanding the colours of our t-shirts as we grow. 

A womens black t-shirt with a cross design, against a white brick wall background  


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