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Visiting Lisbon for Design Inspiration

Lisbon Design Inspiration

Beautiful pink flowers against a bright clear blue sky in Lisbon

Lisbon from the Perspective of a Designer

Here at T-ARC we don't like to be stuck inside, we believe that as designers it is essential to be out in the world gathering inspiration and immersing yourself into a different culture. 
Recently we took a five-day trip to the city of Lisbon, to gather design inspiration and we want to share with you, our thoughts. 
Firstly, what an incredible city! It combines everything you should ever want out of a city break. Culture, history, sunshine and beauty.
We stayed in Barrio Alto, on Rua Fernandes Tomás, right in the heart of Lisbon. We would like to thank and recommend David, our host on Airbnb. He showed us the best places to visit and eat upon arrival. If our recommendation is not enough to sway you, just read his reviews.
A beautiful view of the rooftops in Lisbon city from on top of a hill
A white church in the heart of Lisbon against a clear blue sunny sky
The Portuguese are happy, friendly and content people, with a positive outlook on life.
When they won the Euros we saw just how much football meant to them as a country. There were scenes of people climbing buildings and the streets were filled with cheer and the echo of football chanting could be heard throughout the city.
We were really happy for them! 
Rua Augusta Arch in Lisbon city, design inspiration
Lisbon is the kind of city, a lot like Rome, where you can walk in any direction without a set destination and stumble upon something interesting. Around every corner, you would find inspiration, whether it be the tiles on a wall or an ancient monument. From a designer's perspective, what more could you ask for?
Wondering the streets we found the Rua Augusta Arch (image above). Despite looking like the ultimate tourists walking around with our disposable cameras (yes people do still use them), we were able to take some great images; taking as many as we could.
Having an eclectic photo gallery gives you a wide range of diverse source material to work from when designing. So don't be shy when it comes to gathering images, even if the locals think you are a bit strange.
Okay, you might think we are a bit crazy for taking pictures of walls, but as a designer, it is imperative not to see something as it is, but instead, as what it could become.
A wall is a wall to the average person and never could become anything more. A designer sees potential using Photoshop or Illustrator, whether it be to sample specific elements or using it as a simple background.
Sometimes you never really know when you will need it, but at least you have it there for when you do. Be trigger happy!
A white wall with the texture of sand, design inspiration
Lisbon is a fascinating city and although it may not be the city you considered going to this summer, you won't regret it one bit!
If you have an upcoming project and need design inspiration, then Lisbon can offer everything you could ever want.
Beautiful orange flowers glow in the bright sunshine of Lisbon
As we grow, we want to launch collections inspired by all the best cities in the world. T-shirts that remind people of the places they have been to, but done in a tasteful way.
None of this, I discovered myself in Lisbon trash. 
These designs will be inspired by landmarks, the architecture, art and the general aura of whichever city we visit.
This is going to be our mission and we will be blogging about it all the way. We have started working on our Lisbon collection and can't wait to share with you what we found in this incredible European city.
What are your thoughts, have you been to Lisbon?
Did you find it as inspiring as we did or not?
Please let us know by commenting below.
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