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About Us

T-ARC Clothing banner image with logo.
T-ARC is a one-man project founded by artist, designer and illustrator Chris Curry in July 2016. This hard-hitting UK clothing brand sells men's and women's alternative, occult and metal t-shirts. With an emphasis on community over product, T-ARC has evolved based on the feedback given by its followers. Keeping it personal every step of the way, no matter how big the brand gets, Chris will always be accessible to fans and customers. 
Gothic girl with black and white hair standing inside a heavy metal pub wearing a t-shirt with the grim reaper holding a scythe.
What makes T-ARC different? Heavier than hell the  Codex is an ambitious collaborative t-shirt design project between alternative bloggers and models. Each design is custom made and counts as a single chapter. The goal is to fill 1,000 pages, making Codex the most ambitious small brand collaboration ever. 
Why am I doing this? My long-term goal is to create a collection that features some of the most talented alternative models and bloggers from around the world. The vision being a central hub for brands and photographers to regularly visit with the intention of finding new people to work for them. 
alternative model stood in a gloomy dark forest wearing a skull moth t-shirt

How did it all start? As a new Fine Art graduate, coming from a traditional creative background, I set about learning how to design. The creative process remained the same, but the tools I use changed. As my first full-time job no longer satisfied my desire to create, I began to spend my evenings and weekends working towards launching T-ARC. Within two weeks I designed 25 t-shirts and launched the website. Ever since I have slowly been growing the brand each and every day. This is the story so far...

When I can, I will be sharing insight into how I started and run this small clothing brand. Documenting the growth and design process over on the Blog. 

Connect with T-ARC on Instagram or Facebook, you can also reach me via email at t-arc@outlook.com