Women's Occult Deer T-Shirt - Chapter 7 in the Codex by T-ARC Clothing
Alternative model pleasure0fsin standing against a wall wearing a custom made black occult deer t-shirt design.
Alternative model pleasure0fsin standing in a forest wearing a custom black occult deer t-shirt design.
Goth girl Pleasure0fsin with black and red hair sitting on a train track wearing a occult deer t-shirt design.
Custom made occult deer t-shirt design featuring a snake eating it's own tail and the sulphur alchemy symbol.

Chapter 7 - Pleasure0fsin - Cernunnos

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Occult Deer T-Shirt

T-shirt design in collaboration with alternative model Pleasure0fsin

About the Design

Titled by Robyn, her design 'Cernunnos' (CARE-noon-nos) was inspired by Celtic mythology. The name refers to their god of life, fertility, animals, wealth and the underworld. Cernunnos holds a strong connection to death as he was known to round up the souls of the living. Traditional depictions show him represented as a stag with wolves and snakes nearby. 

The serpent eating itself, known as Ouroboros, is representative of the paradoxical circle of life, infinity and wholeness.

About the Design

  • Women's black t-shirt featuring an occult deer design
  • 100% soft cotton & machine washable 
  • Available in sizes S to XXL
  • Worldwide Shipping
  • Free UK delivery
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