Women's Ouija Board T-Shirt - Chapter 3 in the Codex by T-ARC Clothing
Alternative model Tess Lyddon wearing a black t-shirt with an ouija board design stood in an abandoned building.
Model Tess Lyddon stood against a rooftop backdrop wearing an alternative ouija board t-shirt design.
Close up of Tess Lyddon wearing a black ouija board t-shirt.
A custom made t-shirt design featuring a girl using an ouija board while spirits float around her, the words summoner written below.

Chapter 3 - Tess Lyddon - Heresy

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Ouija Board T-Shirt

Design created in collaboration with alternative model and artist Tess Lyddon
Photography by Taylor Harford 

About the Design

The lone figure in this design is using an ouija board to expel her inner demons. Tess' tagline for the design is "control your mind or something else will". There has been plenty of scientific studies to prove this to be true. In fact, Steve Peters sums this up in his analogy called The Chimp Paradox, which describes the internal battle we all have within ourselves. But beyond the physical world, the design is strongly reflective of the religious and spiritual realm. Occultists say that using an ouija board can prompt a 'positive transformation', while others issue warnings against such practices. 
Heresy is defined as belief or opinion contrary to orthodox religious doctrine. The title highlights, how in some ways, it's good to question our own beliefs about what we can or can't do. 
summoner is someone the medieval church hires to call people before the ecclesiastical court for their spiritual crimes, like heresy. The punishment for which is excommunication. 
Whether it be in the physical or spiritual world, control your own mind or something else will
  • Women's black t-shirt featuring an ouija board design
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