Occult Symbol T-Shirt, Initium Novum | Codex Chapter 2, T-ARC Clothing
Alternative model with purple hair and tattoos wearing a custom black occult symbol t-shirt.
Alternative girl wearing a black t-shirt with a conceptual occult symbol design.
Conceptual occult symbol design with a skull moth, infinity and all seeing eye.

Chapter 2 - Dara D - Initium Novum

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Initium Novum T-Shirt

T-shirt design in collaboration with alternative Czech model Dara D.

Initium Novum Word Meaning

The words initium and novum are both Latin. Together they translate as new beginning, which conceptualises this design in a single title.

About The T-Shirt Design

The moth is commonly referred to as a master of disguise, reminding us to be aware that we could be hiding from ourselves. 

Infinity is not a number, but instead a concept. This signifies always, forever and limitless. Being stuck in a never ending loop means that there are an infinite amount of possibilities once you step outside of your comfort zone.

However, a change never comes without a challenge.

The central symbol is known as Annealing. A heating process, in which the metal is allowed to cool down slowly in order to remove internal stress and strengthen it. Representative of those who test our willpower as we explore new opportunities.

The all-seeing eye, aka the eye of providence, expresses the existence of a higher being - there is someone out there watching over us.

One triangle symbolises creatively, while two triangles together represents humanity.

The moons have several different meanings but most importantly they suggest a fresh start, hope and new projects are imminent.

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